Circulation System is Down

Circulation System Down!

What to do:

Open up the excel file on each circ terminal workstation with the icon titled something like Checkouts When System Is Down (or open a new excel file if this saved file has disappeared: see the note at the bottom of this section).

To check items out: Scan/type in Patron ID in first column, Scan/type in item barcode in second column. If there are multiple items for one person, just keep scanning item barcodes down the second column. When you are done with the checkout, click on Save so if we accidentally close the excel file the info will be saved.

When the circulation system is back up, copy and paste the patron ID and then copy and paste the items to check them out. Clear the contents once the transfer has occurred.

For returns when the system is down, let them pile up in the book drop. When the system is back up, check them in and note down the names of any patrons that receive fines and give to Eddy so he can cancel if appropriate.

Note: If opening a new excel file, you will need to widen the first two columns. In the first cell of the first column, type the heading: Patron ID and in the first cell of the second column, type the heading: Item barcode. Also, for the second column, change the Number format to “Number” rather than “General” so the scanned barcode will look correct, then get rid of any decimals. Save the file to the desktop.

Manual Option: 

Grab the notebooks out of the cash drawer and the larger drawer under the reserve workstation and write down the checkout information on the sheets by hand. Be sure to fill out each column and to write legibly.

When the circulation system is back up, type in the patron IDs and then the barcodes to check the items out.