Laptops (circulation)

  • 4-hour, in-library-use-only checkout. Be sure to tell the patron the exact time when the computer is due back. $.50/hour fines begin accruing following a brief grace period after the due time.
  • Check out both the computer and the adapter.
  • After checking in, make sure the computer is turned off. Hold the on/off button down for about 5 seconds and it will completely shut down. This saves you from waiting for the machine to shutdown if you use the shutdown command.
  • When storing the computer, wrap the cord up and use a rubber band to store it neatly in the current slot in the laptop cabinet.
  • If a student reports that a laptop won’t let them login because it can’t “find the Luther College domain,” take the machine to the Tech Help Desk and ask that they link the machine back to the domain.