Checkout Procedures

  • Click on “Assist Patrons” on the OCLC WorldShare circulation page.
  • Scan the patron’s ID; OR enter the ID number with the proper number of leading zeros (the number must have 8 digits: e.g., 00123456 or 00000414); have the patron confirm their name to ensure you did not mistakenly enter the wrong number and pull up another patron’s account; OR search by the patron’s last name by changing the search box from "Everything" to "Name" and then typing in the last name. If you use this option, be very careful to select the correct person in the listing if more than one patron name comes up.
  • Scan the item barcode. (Make sure the cursor is blinking in the "Enter barcode" box.)
  • Tell the patron the due date (and due time, if it is an hourly item) and provide them with a due date slip if appropriate (use a preprinted due date slip for students checking out a book from the main stacks or the new books area; use a green slip and write in the due date for any other items that need a slip). If appropriate, upon request, you can click “Change Due Date” to set a different due date/time for the patron. (For example, if a student checks out a camera and it is due in 24 hours at 1 p.m. the next day, but they won’t be out of class until 2, you can change the due time to set it for 2:00 p.m.
  • “Close” the patron’s record after completing the checkout by clicking the little x-box next to their name in the left-hand column. (Leaving their account up risks accidentally checking something else to them.)
  • De-sensitize the item if needed. (Do NOT use the de-sensitizing machine on VCR videotapes; rather use the magnet bar on the counter to de-activate the security strip.)