Checkin Procedures

  • Click on  “Check In” button on left menu, make sure your cursor is in the "Enter barcode" box, then scan item barcode. When done checking items in, click “Clear."
  • After checking in items, if you want to see the patron's account (perhaps to make sure you have checked all the parts of a camera back in), before clicking "Clear," click on the patron's name.
  • Sensitize items as appropriate. Videotapes are sensitized using the magnetic bar on the counter. All other items with security strips are sensitized using the sensitizing machines under the counter. Preferably sensitizing actions are performed at the machine near the reserve desk. If you do switch the button on the machine next to the main circulation terminal from de-sensitizing to sensitizing, it is your responsibility to re-set it to its proper default setting: de-sensitize.
  • Shelve items not stored behind the desk in call number order on the pre-shelving area.