CDs/Curriculum CDs

  • CDs are a 2-hour, in-library-use-only checkout to students and a 2-week checkout to faculty/staff. They do not need to be de-sensitized.
  • Patrons must provide a Library of Congress call number for you to retrieve a case.
  • Check for the appropriate number of discs inside before checking the case out or in.
  • If you cannot find a CD using the call number provided, check the Library catalog to determine if it is checked out, not actually a CD, or if it is missing. To do this, you will need the title of the CD (or have the patron re-produce their search result).
    • If it is checked out, a due time will be listed. If the record shows shelving location = main stacks, then it is not a sound recording but a paper score that can be found shelved with the books.
    • If the record shows shelving location = closed stacks, then it is actually a record album. Ask the patron if they still want the recording; if they do, make sure either room 209 or 210 is available (these are the only two media rooms with record album players in them), then go retrieve the album and check it out to the patron.
    • If it IS a CD and not checked out, it may be missing; look again on the shelf, perhaps a few spots to the left and right of where it should be. If you still can’t find it, fill out a green missing item card and leave it on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk.

    Curriculum CDs/DVDs:
    CDs that accompany Music Education (gray-striped) materials and textbooks shelved in the Curriculum Textbook area are stored behind the Circulation Desk after all the other CDs and CD-ROMs. The Music Education CDs/DVDs are shelved by call number; the textbook sets are stored in boxes sorted by publisher and title. These CDs/DVDs are a 3-day checkout to students and faculty.