Cash Drawer

  • The key to lock and unlock the cash drawer is on the Jean Paddle on the Key Board
  • The copiers take coins and bills up to $5; dimes are required to print from the two older microfilm reader/printers.
  • If someone is paying a fine, place the money in the cash drawer and fill out a fine paid note (located inside the drawer) and place it on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk so he can update the patron’s record
  • If someone wishes to write a check, have them make it payable to “Luther College Library.”
  • Refunds can be given for unwanted printouts from the copiers that appear to be the machine’s fault
  • Money from the sale of transparencies should simply be added to the cash drawer
  • If the cash drawer runs low or out of specific coins or bills, inform the Circulation Supervisor so additional funds can be added.