Digital Video Cameras, Tripods, DSLR camera

  • 24-hour checkout to students and faculty/staff. The Canon T3i DSLR camera is located just past the external hard drives.
  • Check out all the bar-coded pieces when checking an item out.
  • Make sure to include the appropriate battery and a memory card when a camera is checked out. To be sure you have the right battery, go ahead and insert it in the camera after scanning the barcode. (Leave the batteries to the DSLR camera in the DSLR bag along with its battery charger.)
  • When checking a camera in, ask the patron to wait while you check everything in to make sure nothing is missing. When you are done checking all the pieces in, click on the patron's name to see if there are any camera parts yet listed on their account. If there are any, determine if you missed a barcode or if the person failed to put the item back in the bag. Inform them if there is still an item missing. If they have left, inform the Circulation Supervisor and attach a note to the bag explaining what item(s) we are waiting for to come back and leave the camera on the table.
  • When checking a camera in, remove both the memory card (put it in its case) and the battery from the bag (exception: the DSLR camera batteries remain in the bag since there is only one such camera); place the battery in the appropriate charger on the battery-charger table and the memory card case in its storage spot next to the batteries.
  • There are smaller desk tripods for use with the webcams, iPod touches, iPad mini's, iPads, and cameras. They are stored in a wire basket next to the public address system.