HelpDesk A/V equipment

  • The following Help Desk equipment is available for checkout from the circulation desk. Most items restricted to faculty and staff checkout only are located in the Circulation Supervisor’s office. Those also available to students are shelved near the digital video cameras. The LCD projectors are kept on the bottom shelf beneath the digital video cameras, the projector stand is kept under the table with the batteries, and video screens are behind the coat closet at the end of the back counter.

Help Desk Audio-Visual Check-Out Equipment

Item Checkout Length Faculty/Staff Organizations Students
Laptops/Dell Tablets/iPads 14 days Yes Yes No
LCD Projector 3 days Yes Yes No
External DVD/CD player 3 days Yes Yes Yes
Projector Screens and Stand 3 days Yes Yes Yes
Desk  and USB Microphones 14 days Yes Yes Yes
Webcams 14 days Yes Yes No
International Power Adapters 14 days Yes No No
Clickers 3 days Yes No No
Wireless Presenters with Laser Pointers 7 days Yes Yes Yes
VGA Adapters 3 days Yes Yes Yes
Zoom Audio/Digital Voice Recorders 7 days Yes Yes Yes
Vertical Mouse 14 days Yes Yes Yes
Trackball Mouse 14 days Yes Yes Yes
Digital Voice Recorder 7 days Yes Yes Yes
Digital Video Camera 24 hours Yes Yes Yes
Digital Headset with Mic 14 days Yes No No
External Hard Drive 7 days Yes Yes Yes
  • When checking out a laptop or Dell tablet, be sure to grab an appropriate power adapter and bag.
  • When a laptop or tablet is returned, after checking the device and adapter in, take both to the Tech Help Desk for re-imaging. The bag can be returned to the proper storage area in the Circulation Supervisor’s office.
  • When an iPad is returned, after checking in all the parts, place the iPad in its bag on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk so it can be re-set and sync-ed with the iPad default image.
  • When checking out a LCD projector, be sure to check out all the pieces included in each bag.
  • When a LCD projector is returned, be sure to check all the pieces in as well as the projector itself. After checking everything in, click on the patron's name to see what they still have checked out to make sure all items associated with the projector have been returned and properly checked in. Then take the entire bag to the Tech Help Desk and ask that the projector be “tested.”
  • When a projector or laptop comes back from the Tech Help Desk, double-check to ensure the items have been returned by checking them in again. Sometimes patrons return the equipment directly to the Help Desk (or a HD student worker brings the equipment back from a site), so when we receive it back, it has yet to be checked in off the patron’s account.
  • One of the wireless presenters is designated for use by multimedia staff only. It has a red stripe on it and a note saying that is for checkout to multimedia staff only. It is also limited to a 24-hour checkout period.