Audio Recorder

Three Zoom Handy Recorders are available for 24-hour checkout. The bags are shelved two shelves above the digital video cameras. There is just one barcode: one on the audio recorder itself.

Patrons will need a SD memory card to use the recorder. They can either provide their own (and thus just pop it out when they return the recorder) or they can check out a SD memory card (found on the top shelf of the desk next to where the camera batteries  are stored).

Upon return, make sure the SD memory card is removed from the recorder, placed back in its plastic case, checked in, and then put back in its storage area next to the batteries.

Patrons may ask to retain the SD memory card longer after returning the Zoom recorder. This is fine. You might want to renew it to give them a fresh 24-hours, depending on their need.

There is also one digital voice recorder available for 24-hour checkout. It is shelved next to the wireless presenters.