Library Kiosks

Public Computers

Preus Library has ten public access computers available for use by all Preus Library guests. Eight computers are located just inside the library's main entrance, between the Circulation Desk and the Research Help Desk. An additional public access computer can be found on both upper and lower floors of the library, located underneath the clocks by the stairwell.

Features include:

  • quick access to the library’s website, online catalog, and other electronic resources
  • a spot to check your email
  • Internet access for all patrons, as access does not require a login and password
  • these computers do not provide word-processing, spreadsheet, or other similar application use

Equipment available for check-out

There are laptop computers, digital cameras, video cameras, and other media equipment available at the Circulation Desk for checkout for the campus community.

Computer Labs
Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Two computer labs are available in Preus Library for student/faculty/staff use. One is found on the main floor, next to the Technology & Research Help Desk. This lab consists of Windows PCs, and features specialized video editing stations (Windows and Mac) and double-sided printing.

The computer lab is open the same hours as the library, and has:

  • movie editing software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker)
  • DVD burners
  • tape converters (VHS to DVD, DV to DVD)
  • scanners (photo and OCR—Optical Character Recognition, which allows editing in Microsoft Word)
  • troubleshooting available from the Help Desk

The second lab is located on the lower floor, near the SASC/TRIO Achievement Program offices. This lab has several PCs and a few Macs, and although it is often used for SASC/TRIO Achievement Program tutoring, it is also available for general campus use.