Faculty Carrels

Assignment of Faculty Carrels

Any member of the Luther College faculty may apply for a Preus Library faculty carrel. However, due to the current shortage of office space, faculty may either have an office or a carrel. Thus, emeriti faculty and faculty on sabbatical who have relinquished their offices are currently the only faculty eligible. Some faculty have been assigned carrels by the Dean's Office which serve as their regular office space.

Application for library carrels will be made in writing to the Library Department Head. Application forms are available at the Department Head's office.

  • Carrels will be assigned by semester or summer on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for shorter periods are also possible.
  • A carrel holder may apply for a renewal at the end of the asigned period, but will have no priority over other applicants.
  • Faculty members may not sublease carrels assigned to them.
  • If agreeable to all parties concerned, double or multiple assignments to a single carrel may be made.

Regulations for Use of Faculty Carrels

Each carrel is equipped with a 36" x 8' table and a study chair. No other furniture is to be moved from or into them, except by arrangement with the Library Department Head.

Carrel keys may be picked up from the Circulation Desk each time the carrel is used. Keys must be returned there before leaving the library building.

The library's food and drink policy applies to the faculty carrels.

All library materials used by faculty members in carrels should be checked out at the Circulation Desk.