DEPO Collections

The DEPO Collection is Preus Library’s closed storage area for older and less-frequently used materials. Materials from the DEPO Collection may be used within the building. Place a request for DEPO Collection items at at the Circulation Desk. Under normal working conditions, items are available for use within 15 minutes.

Records for all of the materials in the DEPO are included in WorldCat Discovery, the library’s catalog. Their library location is indicated as “DEPO”.

Browsable access to the DEPO Collection is not available to the public. Items from the DEPO Collection do not circulate except under special circumstances and with the permission of a librarian.

What is in the DEPO Collection?

The DEPO Collection typically includes materials that are older, less frequently used, and more fragile in condition than those in general circulation. The name DEPO originated from the term “depository,” specifying a place where books and other library materials are stored.

The DEPO Collection encompasses materials in every field; including the humanities and fine arts, social sciences, and science and technology. Books, periodicals, and government documents dating from the 18th through the 20th centuries are located there.

Examples of DEPO materials are historical Lutheran publications, typically written in Norwegian, such as devotional books, hymnals, and catechisms or religious instructional books. Some Norwegian language publications, particularly literary works by Norwegian authors, are also located in the DEPO. Copies of proceedings from the Norwegian government are shelved there from the time when Luther College was a library designated to receive these publications (Storthings Forhandlinger, 1814-1900/01).

Older serials, magazines, and journals, especially those published primarily in the 19th century, have been moved to this storage area. Materials judged to have special importance, either because of their monetary value or because of their unique association to Luther College, have been placed in the DEPO Collection for security reasons. Older classic titles in a variety of subject areas are shelved there since they are core to a superior liberal arts collection but receive infrequent use.

Materials by donors of exceptional significance to the college are also shelved in the DEPO. These range from large collections such as those donated by Bishop Bang or Haldor Hanson to smaller donations given by faculty (Knute Olson Eittreim), alumni or campus literary organizations and clubs.


For more information on the DEPO Collection, please contact:

Andi Beckendorf , Research & Instruction Librarian
Preus Library 207D
[email protected]du