Housing Options

The exterior of Brandt Hall.

Luther College Resident Life is committed to providing comfortable, welcoming, and safe housing options for all students, including those identifying as LGBTQIA+. Read on for a few options for students interested in gender neutral or gender inclusive housing.

For more information about housing at Luther, visit the Residence Life site.

First-Year Housing

Luther offers co-ed housing for incoming first-year students in Brandt Hall on one floor. The corridor that houses co-ed housing is made up of singles, doubles, and triple rooms. The student rooms located on the corridor are single sex by room. The floor contains male restrooms and showers on the east wing, female restrooms and showers on the west wing, and a centrally located private restroom and shower. First-year students can indicate they are interested in co-ed housing by contacting the residence life office at 563-387-1330. A professional housing staff member will work with students to provide housing that meets the needs of the student.

Upper-Class Housing

Farwell Gender Inclusive Cluster

The second-floor center cluster of Farwell is designated as a Gender Inclusive Housing cluster. This is a voluntary living environment that allows for students to live with each other regardless of how they identify with respect to gender. The cluster is designed for students who identify and/or support the LGBTQIA+ community, are exploring gender identity/expression, or choose not to be classified based on gender. The cluster is made up of three single rooms and five double rooms.

Farwell Co-Ed Cluster

Co-ed cluster groups include 10 students in five double rooms. The cluster will have two rooms of one sex and three of the opposite sex. An RA will occupy one single room. The other three single rooms in the cluster will be selected during single room draw, which will be held immediately after cluster and suite draw. Half of the single rooms in the cluster will be male students and half female students.

If I’m transgender, are these my only options?

No, there are several options that can serve an individual's needs. We encourage and welcome those who identify as transgender (see glossary of terms) to work privately with Residence Life in order to find the most reasonable and comfortable housing, regardless of the identifying gender of prospective roommates.

"My co-ed cluster"

Linnea Peterson

Read how Linnea Peterson's ('18) experience living in a co-ed cluster in Farwell Hall shaped the way she views gender and community in "My co-ed cluster: A love story, but not the one you might expect".