Kent D. Lee

Kent Lee is a professor in the Computer Science department at Luther College. Kent came to Luther in 1996 having previously worked at IBM in Rochester, MN and after attending graduate school at both the University of Minnesota (while working at IBM) and the University of Iowa. Kent completed his dissertation while teaching at Luther and graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Iowa in 1999.

Kent's current research interests are in Computer Science Education. He has written and published two textbooks through Springer Publishing. The latest, titled "Python Programming Fundamentals", is an introductory text in Computer Science that is being used at several colleges and universities around the world. While teaching this course, Kent has adopted a "flip" teaching style where students watch the lectures outside of class and come to class to work on homework where they can get instant feedback on problems they are encountering. The teaching style has proven to be very effective and well received by students as well.

Another of Kent's research interests is in the area of Programming Languages where he has developed course materials that teach students how programming languages are implemented so they gain a better understanding of the tools they use in their chosen profession.

Over the years Kent has taught most of the department's courses including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Database Management Systems, Computer Networking, Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Computer Science, Data Structures, and several special topics courses including C++ programming and Android App development.