Engaging important questions of law, policy, and the common good.

Why Study Law and Values?

The Law and Values major:

Prepares you
for law school, graduate programs in public policy and similar fields, or a career in business, civil service, or the nonprofit sector. Courses in the major include broader discussions about law and justice, and how they relate to the legal system.

Provides an interdisciplinary blend of courses including those from political science, economics, and philosophy. You'll learn how institutions shape society and discuss questions about law, policy, and the common good.

Empowers you to become a leader in law, business, politics, civil service, and the nonprofit sector. You'll gain valuable leadership and decision-making skills, such as making sense of complex problems, forming persuasive arguments, and clearly communicating solutions.

Why Study Law and Values? 

"It's not enough to have just a theoretical understanding of social challenges unless you also have the practical skills to do something about them. That's why the law and values major includes courses that emphasize legal, quantitative, and logical reasoning. Being engaged in this type of thinking ensures you will be well equipped to think creatively about problems and then set out to address them."

—Steve Holland, Professor of Economics

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