Course Topics

MUS 245 Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa

Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa is a travel course that promotes intercultural exchange through music. Music from the western tradition is learned and presented along with learning and presenting traditional Namibian and South African music in local languages. This takes place in church services, through choral exchanges and concerts, and in schools, hospitals and informal settings. Students also learn about the history of Namibia, its fight for independence and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa through visits to sites of cultural and historic importance. Offered every four years during January term.

MUS 250 Introduction to Conducting

A study of fundamental gesture, technique, and score preparation. Additional focus is given to oral communication and writing related to the art of conducting and self-evaluation.

MUED 351 Advanced Conducting:Choral

A detailed study of rehearsal techniques, musical components and conducting expressiveness and effectiveness related to a choral rehearsal. Additional attention is given to a general choral repertoire survey and written self-evaluations. Strongly recommended for vocal performance music majors and required for vocal music education majors.

MUS 300 Nordic Choir:

Nordic Choir, founded in 1946, enjoys national and international stature as one of the premier collegiate choral ensembles in the United States. Acclaimed for the way it honors the Lutheran choral tradition while also featuring new and innovative choral works, the choir showcases versatility, artistry, and technical mastery across many genres of music.

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