Courses Taught

BIO 251: Entomology

An introduction to the biology and diversity of insects, particularly the life histories, form and function, ecology, and behavior of various insect groups found in various habitats.

BIO 151: Principles of Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity

The first class in a two-course introduction to fundamental biological principles as exhibited by microbes, plants, and animals. Designed as an introduction to the biology major; required for the biology major and minor.

BIO 253: Invertebrate Zoology

A study of the morphology, physiology, taxonomy, and ecology of the major phyla of invertebrate animals from marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments.

BIO 112: Insects, Humans and the Environment

A study of relationships among insects, humans, and the environment. Using insects as a model, biological concepts such as evolution, form and function, genetics, development, natural history, biodiversity, and conservation will be covered. Includes a presentation of why insects are so successful, giving attention to their behavior and ecological roles in nature, impacts on human society as causes of famines, plagues and epidemics, and importance in human cultures. Laboratory includes field trips and an investigative approach to learning insect biology.

BIO 245: Ecology of Ecuador

An introduction to the ecology, evolution, and natural history of the flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest, Andean cloud forest, and Galapagos Islands, and the customs and culture of Ecuador. The class will spend time in Quito, the Amazon rainforest, and the Galapagos archipelago.

BIO 247: Subtropical and Marine Biology (Bahamas)

Based at the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island of the Bahamas, this course is an introduction to the ecology and taxonomy of marine and terrestrial invertebrates, fish, birds, and common plants of the northern West Indies. In addition to professor-led field excursions including extensive snorkeling on coral reefs, students develop and complete independent research projects. Several days will be spent on the Luther campus for pre-trip orientation and post-trip completion of projects.