Course Topics

THE 100 (Course Title Varies)

An intensive experiential research ensemble devoted to crafting, creating, developing, performing and producing a faculty-directed theatre and/or dance event. Students in this course will be involved in research and theoretical discussion supporting active involvement in a collaborative process of performance, design and production management, such as director/designer assistant; set construction; lighting, sound, costume, properties, make-up/hair, and stage management. Theatre majors must complete 6 Production Practicums, while minors must complete 3. Course may be repeated an unlimited number of times. Enrollment by audition or consent of instructor.

THE 103 Art of Illusion: Costuming and Makeup

This course is designed to introduce students to the craft and skills used in creating costumes and applying wigs and makeup for theatrical productions. Theatre is a collaborative art form with a variety of artists functioning together to create a single work. This course will explore the connection between the designer and the artist/craftsperson. Through field trips, readings, and experiential lab work students will develop, design, create and practice the art and craft of costume and wig and makeup skills. A field trip to a theatre production and an art museum will be a part of this course.

THE 127 Design I: Visual Principles

A study of the relationship between the performer, the elements of art, and the principles of design. Through a wide variety of hands-on exercises, students will explore how design can enhance the performer's ability to express thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Areas of study will include the designer's vocabulary and means of expression; the connection between design, the performer, and the audience; and methods of articulating visually to various audiences.

THE 203 Costume History

A survey of the history of clothing from Mesopotamia to the present. Through lecture and discussion the course examines visual documentation of clothing, terminology and vocabulary related to clothing and the socio-political events that influence its development. Students will be asked to study the details of each era by sketching existing visual documentation of articles of clothing. Regular quizzes will be given throughout the semester and a research paper on a topic of the students choice will be assigned.

THE 300 Production Studio

An experiential collaborative component for the theatre/dance major. Set within a faculty directed project or production, the student participates in research, dialogue and the underpinnings of producing work.

THE 327 Design II: Scenography

An exploratory study of performance design: scenery, costuming, sound, and/or lighting. Coursework will develop a student's individual approach to design and practical problem-solving for live performance with an emphasis on the function of design and aesthetics for the performing arts. Students enrolled will have bi-weekly portfolio meetings for an exchange of ideas in the field of design for live performance.

THE 352 Theatre History II

A study of the development of the modern theatre, its drama, and its stage crafts, from 1850 through the present, with reading of numerous representative plays. Attention is paid to the major social changes in relevant world cultures that lead to developments in performance.