Students sitting together in the KWLC office.

David Grouws

General Manager of KWLC

Bruce Larson

KWLC Radio Engineer

Jack Ross

Station Manager

Show Genre: Rock

Representative Artists: Tame Impala, Pond, Beach House, Fleet Foxes, The Beach Boys

Show Description:  My focus on my show is to showcase brand new, quality rock music (mostly from the indie scene), while also going back in time occasionally and playing the rock music of yesterday that helped form the sound of today's rock music.

On-Air Schedule: Monday 10-11pm

Robert Marston

Program Director

    On Air Schedule:

    New Rock Music: Monday 11pm-midnight

    Nordic Talk: Sunday 5pm-6 (covering music, social justice and other topics du jour)


    Marlene Jones

    Rock Music Director

    Show Genre: Rock/Indie Rock.

    Representative Artists: Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, Making Movies, and as much Bastille as I can find.

    Show Description: "Rocklene" delivers mild sass and semi-accurate weather reports in the midst of great songs. For only the best selection in alternative rock power tunes, tune in.

    On-Air Schedule: Wednesdays 10-11pm

    Maddie Tyler

    Indigenous/Folk/ World Music Director

    Show Title: KWLC's Global Dance Party

    Show Description:  It's a dance party! In the morning! Tune in for an hour of traditional world music every Saturday. Lots of different genres of indigenous music, mostly dance music are played. With a focus on European music, Asian, African and Latin American music are also thrown into the mix. Also included is a wide range of traditional North American music. From the bayous of Louisiana to fiddle tunes from the United States East to West, especially Midwest, up to the Canadian areas in Quebec, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, our own continent has a wide range of indigenous music. So join me for this celebration of old fashion, traditional, foot-stomping music!

    On-Air Schedule:  Saturdays 10am-11am

    Philani Mkhwanazi

    Sports Broadcasting Director