Summer Staff 2017

David Grouws

General Manager of KWLC

Bruce Larson

KWLC Radio Engineer

Jenna Gengler

Station Manager

In charge of: Managing the station and working with staff to promote and run KWLC

Show: The Redeye 

On-air time: Tuesday 10 PM- 12:30 AM

Burke Wallace

Program Director / Recording Studio Director

In Charge Of: Planning the station's schedule and programming, working in the recording studio and recording studio, and student producing

Show: Burke's Chaos Hour

On-Air Schedule: Thursday 11PM - 12:30AM

Claire Panus

Staff Coordinator

In charge of: Training staff and ensuring that protocals and rules are being followed

Show time: Saturday 9-10PM


Andrew Moore

Music Director

In Charge Of: charting new music, contacting promoters

Show: The Moorescope

On-Air Schedule: Wednesday 10-11PM

Kinsey Greenlee

Music Director

In Charge Of: Charting new music and contacting promoters

On-Air Schedule: Saturdays 1-2PM

Katilynn Swanson

Classical and Jazz Music Director

In Charge Of: Charting Classical and Jazz music and contacting promoters

Show: Kat's Corner

Show time: Saturdays 10-11pm

Aidan Schooling

Art and Media Production Director

In Charge Of: Creating graphics, promotions, and merchandise

On-Air Schedule: Saturday 8-9PM

Brendha Klaus

News Director

In Charge Of: News shows, campus news events

Karisa Vijums

Deputy News Director

In Charge Of: News shows, campus news events


Methembe Moyo

Music Librarian

In Charge Of:  Taking care of the music accepted into KWLC's Library

Show: The Pundit!

On-Air Schedule: Saturdays 12-1PM

Sydney Griebling

Music Journalism Editor

In Charge Of: Editing and publishing the KWLC newsletter, The AM

On-Air Schedule: Thursdays 7-8PM

Nick Greseth

Social Media Director

In Charge Of: Running KWLC social media and content output

Show: Nick's Music Picks

On-Air Schedule: Tuesdays 9-10PM