Summer Staff 2017

David Grouws

General Manager of KWLC

Bruce Larson

KWLC Radio Engineer

Colin Landsteiner

Station Manager

In Charge Of: Station Manager
Signiture Show: Sports Talk
Show Description: When I'm not managing the station, you can hear me on air as the producer of Sports Talk! We discuss the largest stories in professional and college sports. When I'm not talking about sports, I'm usually announcing them for the Luther College Sports Information department.
On-Air Schedule: Saturday 7 - 9PM

Hunter Prueger

Program Director

In Charge of: Program Director
Signiture Show: The Yoyo Show
Show Description: The Yoyo show focuses on the best of brand new music, primarily in alt rock, electronic, and alt pop. You will often hear music released within the past week. I often bring guests, like Alexander Mance Streitz from the Working Title Show, to talk about what's new in music. A few times a semester, I shift my focus towards electronic, ambient, and classical music in a special I call, 'Music To Question Your Life Choices.'
On-Air Time: Sunday 9 - 10AM

Aaron Shouse

News Director

In charge of: News Broadcast
Signature Show: The House of Shouse | KWLC News with Aaron Shouse
Show Description: Bringing together a happy mix of new and old, The House of Shouse brings you the latest in college rock, and blends it together with a taste of some of the greatest songs of all time. Having been a fan of (almost) every music genre, be prepared for some major curveballs every Wednesday night!
On-Air Schedule: Saturday 6 - 7PM

Nam Nguyen

Director of Social Media/Promotions

In charge of: Social Media, Promotions, Web Content
Signature Show: Songs of Asia
Show Description: It’s your favorite Asian Hot Pot!!! With 15 years in Vietnam, 4 years in Singapore and 8 years of Kpop/Jpop experience, I am confident that I can offer you some of the best samples of Asian pop there is. The show will serve you the finest selection of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese songs and more.
On-Air Schedule: Monday 8 - 9PM

Michael Winkler

Jazz Music Director

In charge of: Jazz/World and Blogs
Signature Show: World of Winkler
Show Description: Join DJ Michael Winkler on World of Winkler where we discover the softer side of rock as heard from all over the world.
On-Air Schedule: Tuesday 9 - 10PM

Raelen Gipple

Rock Music Director

In Charge Of: Rock Music
Show Description: I will be bringing my listeners some of the latest and greatest picks from the rock/indie-rock vein, as well as some of my all-time favorites for them to enjoy. Some of my favorite artists (and ones you will frequently hear on my show!) include Avid Dancer, Artic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, and Alexandria Savior.
On-Air Schedule: Tuesday 8 - 9PM

Katy Roets

World/Indigenous/Folk Music Director

In Charge of: World/Indigenous/Fold Music
Signiture Show: Americana Love Affair
Show Description: American Love Affair is a show dedicated to sharing the diversity of folk, Americana, acoustic, and singer-songwriter artists and groups, both new and old, fresh and well-known (some favorite artists of the show include The Wailin' Jennys, Pete Seeger, The Avett Brothers, and the Fleet Foxes). The mission of ALA is to highlight the timeless, connecting power of folk music throughout history, while representing its wide reaching method and appeal to every identity possible.
On-Air Schedule: Sunday 1 - 2PM

Emily Turner

EDM/Hip-hop Music Director

In Charge Of: EDM/Hip-hop Music
Show Description: This show contains a mixture of EDM sub-generes that range from trance to hardstyles to house, exploring everything in between. The artists come from a variety of backgrounds: some are main stage favorites, others are newly emerging. Tune in Fridays at 10pm to find brand-new, essential hits to top off your party playlist!
On-Air Schedule: Friday 10 - 11PM

JJ Schrick

Recording Studio/Production Manager

In Charge Of: Recording Studio/Production Manager
Signature Show: Driftless Underground with Troy Downey and JJ Shrick
Show Description: Driftless Underground is a radio show that highlights local and traveling artists by playing their music, or having them in for a recording session.
On-Air Schedule: Sunday 5 - 6PM

Alex Streitz

Music Journalism Editor

In Charge Of: Music Journalism Editor
Signiture Show: The Working Title Show
Show Description: A show that is working for you and for all those who love music!
On-Air Schedule: Sunday 10 - 11PM

Cory Hummel

Music Journalism Editor

In Charge Of: Music Journalism Editor
On-Air Schedule: Sunday 11PM - 12:30PM

Thomas Klinkhammer

Sunday Morning Producer

In Charge Of: Sunday Morning Service
Signiture Show: Classical Crossovers
Show Description: Every Thursday night, tune into Classical Crossovers for epic music, orchestral remixes, and a capella covers including Peter Hollens, Lindsey Stirling, and more! Or if you subscribe to the Christian faith, join us Sunday mornings for the Sunday Morning Broadcast.
On-Air Schedule: Thursday 11PM - 12AM / Sunday 7AM - 12PM

Andrew Lindstrom

Sports Director

In Charge Of: Sports
Signiture Show: "The 13 o'Clock Show"
Show Description: Every Saturday at 1pm, or as we here at KWLC call it - 13 o'clock - you can tune in to listen to a variety of good music within the realms of Rock, Rock and Roll, Alternative, and Pop. These consist of bands and artists such as Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Elvis Presley, among many more. If you want to hear this fantastic music and an energetc, thrilling host; then tune into The 13 o'Clock Show every Saturday from 2pm!
On-Air Schedule: Saturday 1 - 2PM

Kahri Nestingen

Music Librarian

In charge of: Music Library
Signature Show: Luther College Music
Show Description: The Luther College Music show features the best of Luther College music from over the years. Every Sunday afternoon, tune into KWLC to hear selection from Luther College choirs, Jazz Bands, and Orchastras. Live recitals and concerts will be featured on select Sunday afternoons.
On-Air Schedule: Sunday 12 - 1PM