Courses I Currently Teach

On-campus courses in the Religion department:

  • Religions of East Asia (Fall '11, '12)
  • Philosophy of Religion (cross-listed with Philosophy) (Spring '12)
  • Psychology and Religion (Spring '12)
  • Spirituality and Sexuality (Fall '12)
  • Seminar on Comparative Theology (every 6 years) (Fall '11)
  • Independent studies and directed readings in the fields of Buddhist studies and comparative philosophy (Fall '11, J-term & Spring '12)

Off-campus courses in the Religion department:

  • Experiencing Mahāyāna Buddhism (HK, PRC, Japan)
visit at FGS 01/12/11
visit at FGS 01/12/11


Paideia II courses:

  • Ritual and Performance in Japan (also taught abroad in the past) (Spring '12)
  • Bodies, Sticks, and Mindfulness

General Studies:

  • Directed readings in Japanese language on the introductory and intermediate levels (Fall '11, Spring '12)