For readability, the resource guide has been split into thematic sections with readings and content that highlight the intersectional issues of racism, gender, and Islamophobia, in the United States. The Luther College Diversity Center hosts this guide in the hopes that it works to address the issues of the construction of race, gender, and religion in the United States.

These themes are explored through the lens of scholarly articles (most of them also found in Preus Library), press pieces, books, and other content that portray the condition of African Americans and other people of color, as well as women, the trans+ community, and Muslim American in American society. Take the time to go through the content, reflect on the positions presented, and feel free to talk about whatever questions or topics that these articles may bring up, be it with friends, family, teachers or mentors. Individuals who use this resource guide are highly encouraged to share their thoughts and explore viewpoints, in the hopes of normalizing discussions of race relations in the United States and the world. Faculty are encouraged to use any content they find useful to aid class discussion or class topics that deal with race and race relations.  In order to promote change and raise awareness, people must be comfortable addressing such issues in an open, yet respectful, manner.