• Black Lives Matter: Civil Rights Vigil

    Luther students participate in the Dec. 9 vigil held in solidarity with the national civil rights march in Washington, D.C., the same day.

  • Robert George and Cornel West

    Luther students, faculty, and staff joined Robert George and Cornel West for breakfast and discussion the morning following their lecture.

  • Moment of Silence

    Students gather in Bentdahl Commons to stand up against the increasingly frequent shootings of unarmed black men and women.

Just Action

The Just Action group is comprised of a variety of staff, faculty and students. We sponsor discussions, student activities, public lectures, and a resource library to challenge social, cultural, and economic inequality through the pursuit of knowledge and the power of dialogue.

The group was founded on the momentum of the Keep It Going conversations and the Don't Shoot Series, sponsored by campus organizations with the goal of fostering civil discussions about issues of race and privilege. The first Keep It Going talk followed the fall 2014 Center Stage Series performance of the play "In the Heat of the Night." The Don't Shoot Series, which was sponsored by the Diversity Center and various student organizations, focused on fostering an environment where students and teachers can have an open dialogue regarding race and racism in the United States.

We have expanded our work and activism to address a whole host of inequalities and injustices. This can take the form of discussions, events, dialogues, and actions. Some of these include but are not limited to: Student led walkouts, panels on: racism in education, Islamophobia, and Black Lives Matter, lectures from Cornell West and Robert George, and statements of solidarity and recognition against Islamophobia and in support of Black Lives Matter.

Photo Credit: Vigil photo copyright Julie Berg-Raymond. Used with permission.