Paideia 450: South Africa

The group stands in a fever tree forest, which is a rare sighting. This is on the land that the Makuleke people won back through the land claims court.

Game drives & good times

Kruger National Park was filled with incredible scenery, rare animal sightings, and an excellent overview of the Makuleke community. Learn more about this rural land restitution case study: the first of its kind in 1998.

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The Flag of South Africa found at the Apartheid museum

A transformed South Africa

Sanibonani! (Zulu/Swati) Molweni! (Xhosa) Hallo! (Afrikaans) Dumelang! (Sotho/Sepedi/Tswana) Avuxeni! (Tsonga) Salibonani! (Ndebele) Ndi masiari! (Venda) Hello (English)

Hello in the 11 official languages of South Africa

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“Expropriation without compensation!”

At the heart of our course is an opportunity to deal with ethical questions such as who has the power to make decisions about the land, who is excluded from the decision-making process, and what rights do people have to a place they call home. After visiting the Economic Freedom Fighters and the African National Congress Office of the Secretariat General, we had the opportunity to understand the South African issue of land from a political standpoint. Here is a glimpse of our experience.

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Entrance into the Apartheid museum

Where do I even begin?

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that enhances and respects the freedom of others” -Nelson Mandela.

Here's our experience through the Apartheid museum.

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A view of the morning light and clouds as the students spend almost 40 hours traveling to South Africa.

8,899 Miles from Home

We are all safe and sound in Johannesburg! The journey was long, but the experiences planned for these next few days make it all worth it.

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The iconic bell on Luther's campus serves as a symbol of home for the students leaving on their Paideia 450 study abroad trip.

Packing, Preparing, & Planning

Get an introduction on our course, iternitary, and blogging coordinators for this study abroad to South Africa. We are excited to share our lessons and adventures with you!

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