Tacos, Teamwork, and Tasty Treats

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Prepare yourselves, I am about to type in English. Hurray for the parents, grandmothers, and other people I am paying to read my blog (and can nor speak Spanish). I would also like to send an apology to my world travelers who are working to enhance their language skills; another post will come. 

So, what is happening here in Oaxaca? 

  1. We are eating a lot. I am genuinely thankful for my comfortable, almost parachute like, pants. The food is delicious, and every day, as we return to our houses for lunch, I prepare to expand my stomach. Thankfully, the food is relatively spicey, so eating is almost like a workout (or at least I sweat the same amount). 
  2. We walk a lot. This is really for the best, because we feel less guilty about our expanding torsos. You may wonder what a lot means. To clarify, this past Sunday, I walked close to 12 miles. 
  3. We are taking a cooking class. Yes, the original theme of this blog. Now, your children, grandchildren, or friends can prepare the same food they feast on here, in your homes. However, you may need to invite us all, because each item on the menu requires a village. 

So what have we made? 

  1. Tacos dorados 
  2. Mole Verde
  3. Chilaquiles
  4. Tamales 
  5. Guacamole 
  6. Tortillas

I can honestly say that now, with the help of my 11 classmates, I could cook a dinner that would leave no stomach feeling hunger. 

Not only did we learn the instructions to prepare these dishes, but the terminology, the culture, and the stories behind each dish. 

Chilaquiles is the secret trick for moms with sons who may attend parties too often. Guacamole is made without the use of a metal spoon to preserve the color. Jamaica, a flower, is a beautiful piece of nature used to cure digestive illnesses. And most importantly, everything cures hunger. 



Creating the masterpiece.