Flea Market Fun

This Saturday we got a tour of Richardson's Trading Company. After, we ventured out to the flea market. The day started out sunny and nice but as the time went on it got chilly and very windy but nonetheless it was a blast.

At the market the first thing I did was pick up some freshly made fry bread, and oh boy was it delicious. After a little food in our system, we all explored the tables and met the vendors. There was everything from bracelets to puppies. 

The food was also really good. There was tacos, corn mush with juniper ashes, horchata, and many more delicious treats. 

One of our group members, Andrew, got a piece of pottery and had the unique experience of having it blessed. The vendors blessed the poetry in Hopi. The couple wanted the pottery to have a good life in its new home. It was a surreal moment for him. Danielle and Jacey also had a similar experience with their purchases and raved about it. 

On Sunday, the original plan was to hike Church Hill. Unfortunately, we had to cancel due to the snow. We must have brought down some of our cold snowy weather with us. Oops! Also, we are really thankful we got to explore the national monuments last weekend because we wouldn’t have been able to this weekend due to the government shut down. Even though were were bummed about missing Sundays hike, we are happy we made it last weekend to the monuments.

We ended up hanging out and relaxing all day. During the evening, we ate tacos and watched a little bit of the Vikings game. Now we are resting up for our last week at school!

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Flea market bracelet display.
Andrew and Maren eating burritos. Yum!
Snow on Sunday morning.