Good Eats

We have been busy the past couple days getting acclimated to New Mexico and learning the schedules of our classrooms. We have all enjoyed being in the schools and have especially loved getting to know the kids. We have come up with a routine in the morning and have a good time making breakfast and getting ready to roll at 7:10 on the dot.

A thing we have all been getting used to is the change of weather. On Wednesday, all the kids were hoping for a snow day but were sadly let down. The amount of snow that they got excited about was pretty laughable in compared to what we are used to. Safe to say there won’t be any blizzards here anytime soon.

Friday night we all ventured out to downtown Gallup on old Route 66 and ate at Earl’s. This was quite the experience because the vendors actually came to your table. It was fascinating to see it all. They had everything from small jewelry to bow and arrows.  The food was excellent as well, and it was nice to take a break from cooking. Jacey and Colton ate the ever popular Navajo taco. Colton described the experience as “quite tasty” Earls is a popular place in Gallup and the surrounding early. We went to an early dinner to beat the regular rush. 

Afterward, we went on a night hike near our dorm and watched the stars. It was a short outing due to the coyotes heard in the distance but nonetheless it was exciting. Then we trekked back, baked brownies, and got some rest for the hike tomorrow.

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"Snow" in Gallup
Jacey and Colton's Navajo Taco
Evening hike