We Have Arrived!

We started off the morning bright and early with a 3 a.m. wakeup call. We were then off to the Minneapolis airport and then flew to Dallas. Once in Dallas, we grabbed food and relaxed for a short while until our next flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once we had arrived we got our rental van and attempted to fit all of our luggage in with no trunk. It was all hands on deck squishing, shoving, and stacking all the luggage. It was almost like a game of tetras. 

Once in our van, most of us fell right asleep for the three hour drive. Along the drive, for those who weren’t asleep, we saw rocks, bright road signs, and lots and lots of brown. Even through we are still in the U.S., it sure looks a lot different than many of the places any of us have visited, especially in the Midwest. 

After the drive we all piled out of the van and were greeted with mid 50 degree weather and it felt like a dream compared to the weather we had been having back home. We got settled, made tacos for dinner, and talked about what the upcoming week will entail. Everyone is so excited to meet their class and teacher! 

Needless to say everyone will rest good tonight after our long travel day and we are all excited for what tomorrow will bring!

Roadtripping to Gallup
Sunset after our first day in Gallup
After a long day of traveling we sat down to enjoy some tacos!