San Francisco Day 1 (Actually Day 4)

Today was our first day of meetings in San Francisco!

We met with Aaron Strout and he told us how his company works with many big companies, one notable one I can rememeber off the top of my head was Medtronic. He told us how he worked at Fidelity Investments for the marketing team and how it helped him grow in his professional career. He then told us in more detail how works with companies to work on their marketing stance and press releases. He also has a podcast called the What 2 Know Podcast. One major bit of advice he gave me was "prep to before you cook", as in, you can make yourself uncomfortable, but make sure you’re researching to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you are going to go ask for a job, make sure you can have a genuine conversation with the person you are asking for a job, but also be able to get down to brass tax. Put in a little extra, but work smarter not harder. Aaron then told us about working for your passion, not the paycheck, and he explained it best in the way that we live in a gig economy so if you lower your pay to do something you’re passionate about, you can always have a side gig.

I genuinely enjoyed Aaron’s talk with us because he was able to get very serious with us. He told us of a time where he was working on projects for his company and was at fault for making a major mistake. This mistake cost him his rank in the company. In spite of this he stuck to his guns and kept working hard and it paid off in the end. He said to own your mistakes, build your reputation, and make yourself uncomfortable. If you’re being kicked while you’re down, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get to work. You only fail when you continue to make mistakes and not learn from them.

We then had a discussion about the difference between cockiness and confidence. What the conversation came down to basically was humble yourself, don’t sell yourself short, but also don’t puff your chest out like you think you’re better or know everything.

We then headed out and were given a few hours to roam around before our next meeting. As soon as we walked out we ran into a man named Max who had five dogs and he let us pet all of them. (if you know me you know this was probably pretty great, which it was.)

We then went to Kiva and met with Julie. Kiva is s nonprofit that provides micro transactions that helps people get loans who are “unbankable” in remote locations. They connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. She told us a lot about the projects that Kiva currently runs and how Luther College actually has a Kiva team that allows people to join and help send out micro loans!

After Kiva we stopped at a store called Razor where they sell a bunch of sweet headphones and computer accessories. Deetz, Jake, and I wandered around a huge mall looking at really expensive stuff and really cool shoes and after that we finally decided to call it a night and head back to the house.

Excerpt taken with permission from Ryan's blog.

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