The rain can't get us down!

We have spent the first couple days here in Tanzania at  Vijiji Center getting some initial exposure to Swahili and Tanzanian  culture. We have had several lectures and discussions about local  language, history, politics and economics, tribal groups, and wildlife  management. We were then able to test our greeting skills in some Arusha  markets, and gained lots of confidence through trial and error.  It  also gave us an opportunity to practice our bartering, which is still a  work in progress.

After  our lectures today, we visited a three acre coffee farm a short distance  from our home base in the town of Nkoanrua. We were welcomed into the  home of Hamidu and his family and were able to ask about all aspects of  their lives. Besides to coffee, they also grow bananas and trees for  timber. While we were there, the sky opened up and a huge down pour  forced us indoors. Luckily, they were able to make us some hot fresh  coffee to keep us warm while we waited out the storm. Although our group had trouble falling asleep, the caffeinated conversations were worth it!

Tomorrow, we will be heading off to Monduli before setting out for the bomas!

Kwaheri! (Goodbye!)

Steven Ndosi, our lecturer and coffee farmer Hamidu in front of Hamidu's home.
We spent lots of time watching the downpour from the farm