Sien Jou Later South Africa

Today is the day. Our last day in South Africa. We have checked out of our rooms and will soon be going to the waterfront for lunch before loading into the bus one final time and heading to the airport.

Our time in South Africa may have been short but I think we made the most of it with full days of tourism and learning. We are already missing the days we spent in Namibia. We did our best to immerse ourselves into both of these cultures that welcomed us fully and without hesitation. As much as we are looking forward to going home to our parents, pets, and beds we will miss the people we have met, the memories we have made, and the days spent under the sun.

This trip has been an eye opening experience for me and I can't wait to share more about it when I get home! You can expect a few more posts recapping our time in South Africa in a few days.

Our first day in Namibia touring Heroes Acre.
Learning a song and dance from the highschoolers at Oshigambo High School.