We've arrived

After 3 plane rides and over 42 hours of travel, we finally arrived  at our hotel in Namibia last night. Our meetings and rehearsals Sunday and Monday seem like they were weeks ago.

The travel chaos was starting to set in. We were looking forward to the warm weather and the showers waiting for us in our hotel rooms. We still managed to keep our  energy up by sharing jokes and stories with each other. It's safe to speak for the whole group when I say we all felt an almost  instant connection. In some of our chats we spoke of how excited we were  to become close, to become a family.

During our layover, we rode the underground tube into central London for lunch and sightseeing. It was now that the realization of what we were doing started to hit me and the trip finally started to feel real. Almost 12 hours later we had landed in South Africa. After a 2 hour plane ride and short bus ride we pulled, up to our hotel. We enjoyed our long awaited showers before going into town for dinner.Today was a full day of sightseeing and rehearsals. Tomorrow we have  some free time before more rehearsals and group discussions. Until next time!


You have to sleep wherever you can on long plane rides
Central London
Visiting the Penduka Project