Evolution Inquiries

We’re in the sky above rolling clouds that remind us of the ocean waves we already miss. As we travel home today, I am going to condense a recent course reading which discusses assisted evolution on the reef.


Genetic enhancements, practiced for thousands of years by humans through selective breeding and similar techniques, are now being considered outside of the commercial realm by conservationists interested in preserving the reef.


As ocean temperatures and carbon dioxide emissions increase, coral reefs see disturbances; such disturbances may be minimized if coral is made more resilient with human aid.


Though there are concerns, primarily about the potential for coral with assisted adaptations to act as an invasive species on the reef, researchers continue to consider possible benefits to coral manipulation as there is not a foreseeable future where elements causing coral stress are significantly reduced or neutralized.


My source, http://www.pnas.org/content/112/8/2307.full, sheds far greater light on this subject that I could hope to with the interest of brevity; as always, I must encourage a thorough reading of the sourced article for a comprehensive understandings of presently unexplained intricacies. 





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The view departing from San Pedro for Belize City.
The sunset as we touched down in Texas.