Oil Examinations

Belize is doing a great job of reworking politics to be eco-friendly. Last month, Belize stopped offshore oil activity. This change went far beyond the signs plastered on bulletin boards all over the country. Today I will examine a few of the key points of consideration for this development.Oil exploration makes plenty of sense for a developing country. It can annually contribute more to the economy of Belize than the $183 million generated by ecotourism and fisheries combined.

However, these figures decline. There would be incredible devastation to the coast and coral if a spill occurred. These lasting damages to ecotourism and fisheries are approximated at $912 million. They do not include the billions of dollars that would be required to clean up the initial spill.

With the potential, lasting damages considered, the public rallied against oil activity in Belize. They were able to secure a government enforced, oil free future for the country.

My source has been abstracted greatly here. I strongly suggest reading it for thorough comprehension of potential impacts to Belize, particularly along the coastline and coral reef, if offshore oil extraction was pursued.



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