Canoes and Crocodiles

Occasionally, a lily pad is displaced or a stray fish encouraged to abandon its post as we glide through the calm water of the lagoon. Baby crocodiles skim the surface alongside us, jaws thrown open to catch insects. In the light of our headlamps, a set of glowing orbs appear, contemplate us, and vanish beneath the surface.


Darkness falls and crocodiles emerge from the shallow waters to rest upon the thick grasses lining the shore; typically, only their eyes are visible among the dense vegetation. The crocodiles are seldom disturbed by humans so they have no hesitation when ducking into the water and no hope for an easy, provided meal; they stalk prey or avert headlamps, brightly shining against a new moon sky devoid of stars, with the practiced ease of centuries.





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The entrance to the crocodile filled lagoon.
A baby crocodile held by one of our guides.