Sky and Sea

A pulley whirs along the cable and the wind whips wisps of hair about my face. The rustling canopy below varies from subdued pear to vivid kelly green and the section beneath me is cut through by a  patina-colored river. The palm of my glove grinds into the cable as I stutter to a stop and stumble onto the receiving platform with wild, wonder-filled eyes.

Today for our adventure, zip-lining and cave tubing on the inland of Belize.We float in the Xibalba, the Mayan entrance to the underworld. A waterfall surges through the cave. Our pace decreases and a shred of sunlight flickers against the quartz of the Crystal Cave. In this illuminated nook, the mineral seems to drip from the stalactites.We leave the disconcerting, desolate depths and the sun blooms upon our skin.




If you have questions or suggestions of natural features or wildlife of Belize for me to discuss here, please contact me at [email protected]

Students eagerly wait for their opportunity to zip-line.
The class splashes around before cave tubing.
The entrance to Xibalba.