Testing...testing...one two three

Hello! Welcome to the first post for Biology 247: Subtropical and Marine Biology in the Bahamas. My name is Leda Ebert, and I will be the blog coodinator for this course. I am a senior majoring in environmental studies and minoring in sociology and anthropology, and am looking forward to writing a blog for the first time ever this January. I'm from the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and enjoy being outdoors hiking, backpacking, small scale farming and exploring in my free time, as well as playing games with friends and family. During J-term last year, I interned at a non-profit in Decorah called "Seed Savers", and I'm excited to get a reprieve from Iowa's January weather this year!

In a little over a week, my classmates and I will return to Luther for two days of classes on campus where we will attend lectures, practice snorkeling in the pool and start to get acquainted. Then with packed bags our class will depart the Midwest and be on our way to a subtropical learning experience. Once we reach the Bahamas, we will stay at the Gerace Research Center where we will explore the area through a variety of activities. My classmates and I will engage in small group research projects regarding the biology or ecology of particular organisms or habitats over the course of our time in the Bahamas. We will also spend time learning about the natural history and taxonomy of the organisms we observe.

On the January 24, we will start the journey back to Luther where we will spend the final days putting together our final research projects and presentations. Marine Biology has always been an interest of mine, and it will be a privilege to document our class adventures through blogging. If you have questions, please feel free to email me! 

More to come soon!

Blog coordinator Leda Ebert hiking in Western Colorado.