Adventuras, y más adventuras

Hola a todos!

We have now been in Buenos Aires for a little over a week! We're  having a great time. We are super busy with class and afternoon  excursions. We're extremely grateful we got the weekend to rest. We  are also enjoying the warm weather, although sometimes it gets a little too hot.

On Monday we went on a tour of the city center. We started our tour at Obelisco, which is a historical monument constructed in 1938 to commemorate 400 years since the first foundation of Buenos Aires. It was  pretty cool to see up close. From the Obelisco, we passed by Calle Corrientes where Buenos Aires' theaters are. We then walked  through Puerto Madero. Puerto Madero functioned as a port for about 15  years in the early 1900s before a new port was built to accommodate larger ships. We enjoyed walking next to the water during the afternoon  heat. There we also got to see and cross Puente de la Mujer (Bridge of  the Woman). We finished our tour of the City Center in Plaza de mayo.  Plaza de mayo was the foundation for the city of Buenos Aires. Today it  is home to Casa Rosada, which is Buenos Aires' version of the White  House.

Today we were supposed to have a picnic, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the rain. Oh well, we'll go tomorrow.



Our group downtown
At Plaza de mayo