Estamos Aquí

We have safely arrived in Buenos Aires after many hours of traveling.

We journeyed to Buenos Aires on Saturday, January 6th. We encountered some difficulties. The big one being our first flight getting delayed, which meant we had to change flights and airlines. Thankfully, Professor Alonso and our original airline successfully got us into a 9:00 p.m. flight from O'Hare to Miami and as one of my classmates phrased it we were no longer "in limbo."

We arrived in Miami at half past midnight. Finally getting on that first flight had to be the highlight of our day. Thankfully we were able to spend the night and get about four hours of sleep in a hotel before our 10:30 a.m. flight to Buenos Aires!

From Miami we boarded our flight to our long awaited destination of Buenos Aires, Argentina! After 9 hours and 5,000 miles we have arrived! We got to our respective host families homes a bit past midnight. We're thrilled to finally be here!

Hasta luego,

Our group outside of the Buenos Aires airport.
Leaving Chicago