All Aboard!

Just a quick shout-out to everyone to confirm our arrival in Oslo! We boarded the train in Stockholm at 1100 and arrived an hour later than expected in Oslo due to delays. It’s been a long day, but overall a fun one! To stay entertained on the train ride, those willing played a game as a part of our koselig goals.

Koselig is a Norwegian tradition during the winter months that roughly translates to “cozy.” Indeed it is a word that has no English counterpart; it simply represents the contentment felt when one is happy and warm! This was easy to do aboard a warm and comfortable train filled with friends passing through snowy landscapes that would make Hollywood movies envious! We tried to take pictures, but they did not capture the amazing landscapes that we got to see! Although we would have gotten to Norway much faster by plane, it would have been a shame to miss the train ride and the wonderful sights! Tomorrow we begin bright and early, so it’s time to climb into bed and dream about gnomes and Vikings.


Be sure to check out our iCloud Gallery! We have over 200 pictures that have been contributed by many people on the trip! This stream is updated twice daily so be sure to stop by!

A taste of the landscapes we say while on-board the 1106 to Oslo. (It doesn't do it justice!)