The Final Countdown

And that’s a wrap! Although it is only 6:00 a.m. back home, we are up and at it in the Dublin airport, excited and sad to leave Ireland. We have had some great experiences travelling from coast to coast, talking to all sorts of grassroots organizations, and discussing how peace is truly brought about. Indeed, three weeks does not leave us experts in any sense, but I think we all agree that the lessons we have learned will stay with us no matter where we end up in life.

Here are some reflections from students about their time in the last three weeks:

Britta Pressler '19, Nursing

I have grown as a person on this adventure. Taking this class increased my understanding of acceptance and respect for people, even when you don’t agree with them. In the end, it’s about willing to take a risk and have a creative, open mind to accept people for who they really are.

Keegan Danielson '19, Physics and Math 

An experience like none other. I learned how difficult but rewarding a reconciliation process can be.

Anna Restemayer '19, Biology and Art

An opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and study something that I don’t typically study.

Jonah Gehrt '18, Neuroscience Major

It was a Derry good trip!

Everett Kohne '19, Nursing Major

It was an experience that allowed me to jump out of the space I was comfortable in and engage myself in something I do not see every day.

Getting back to the US will take 8 hours on a plane, and hours on the bus and in the car, but we are happy to see all our loved ones soon!

Thanks for following us on our trip!

Steph Kletscher

The Atlantic Ocean
Our class at the Cathedral Club, an organization that helps bridge communities in Derry