Dia dhuit from Dublin (Hello in gaelic)

 Bundled up in our winter coats and bleary eyed from a seven hour overnight flight, we are greeted to an unusually sunny and warm January day. Not a typo, indeed the sun is shining and keeping us out of our comfy hostel beds and towards touring the city. Arriving at Jacob's Inn, we are split into three rooms and given some time to get settled in and ready to go out and explore Dublin. Next stop will be the hop on and hop off buses to get acquainted to this idyllic city. Dublin is shaping up to be a welcoming and warm city, and students are rearing to go (once we have had our coffee of course). So fueled by our adrenaline, lack of sleep, and as much caffeine as we can handle, off we go. 


Dublin Castle, the pubs, cathedral, and a taste of some Irish coffee are just some of the items on student's must do lists. Next time we will have some brighter and happier faces from sites around Ireland!



In on the bus in Dublin
Ready to take off!