Godaften (Good evening) from Copenhagen

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Copenhagen after what should have been a fifteen minute train ride turned into an hour long string of train transfers and delays. After an early night, we got up for our first meeting of the day with the Advisor to the Minister of Justice, Jakob Sheikh who discussed his research into the inner sentiments of foreign fighters’ minds. These foreign fighters are Danish men who were radicalized and traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State. It was interesting to hear about what actually motivates these people instead of solely relying on the narrative that the media portrays.

After this meeting, the women in our group had the opportunity to join in on the Friday prayer at the Maryam mosque, an all women’s mosque here in Copenhagen. After the prayer, the men were invited to join in on a lecture imam Sherin Khankn gave on Islamic feminism and the legitimacy of female imams within Islam. This experience provided a unique perspective that challenges the patriarchal system traditionally implemented within Islam. 

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to go visit Malmö, Sweden for the day! Soon you will get to hear about our classmates’ perspectives on some of the activities we have been a part of!

Until next time,

Annie & Stefan 

The inside of the all women’s mosque we visited today.
A popular shopping district not far from our hostel.