A Day in Transit

Most of our class traveled by shuttle bus from Luther to the O'Hare International Airport, while a few classmates met up with the group at the airport. Our flight departed from Chicago at 8:35 p.m. on Monday. We flew overnight and landed in London for a quick layover before heading to Athens. We finally arrived in Athens around 6:00 pm. and took a bus heading into the city to our hotel.

After getting settled, we gathered to go out for dinner as a group. Just down the street from our hotel was a perfect view of the Acropolis, so we stopped to snap a few quick pictures. We then continued for a few more blocks until we got to our destination at the Cave of Acropolis restaurant. Once there, we were pampered with a steady feed of Greek salad, tzatziki, tiropita, and other Greek dishes, topped off with a delicious baklava dessert. After what seemed like ten courses, we tried our hands (or more accurately feet) at a Greek folk dance. We are currently wrapping up the day early by writing this blog post, as we are taking on the Acropolis bright and early tommorow morning!

Stay tuned for more, Καληνύχτα! (Goodnight!)

The view of the Acropolis down the street from our hotel.
Students getting a dancing lesson in the restaurant.