5 Days Until Departure

Welcome to the blog for the course “Islam in Europe: Politics, Religion, and Refugees.”! Over the course of the next 3 weeks we will be traveling to Greece, France, Denmark, Sweden, and England. Leading us in this journey is Todd Green, professor of religion, and Carly Foster, professor of political science. During our travels we will be exploring the current challenges in Europe regarding the integration of Muslim minority and immigrant populations. In learning about these challenges, we will have the opportunity to meet with various scholars, journalists, religious figures, and politicians.

Meet your blog coordinators! My name is Annie Harriman and I am a junior majoring in social work. Here at Luther I am a member of the Symphony Orchestra, serve as secretary for Interfaith in Action, and work in the Ticket Office on campus. I am looking forward to delving into such a controversial and important topic and making connections from this course to my future profession as a social worker.

Your other blog coordinator is me, Stefan Hankerson! I am also a junior at Luther, majoring in economics and political science. Some other things I do around campus include running for Luther's cross country team and working in the office for social sciences. When I'm not studying or running, I enjoy spending time with my friends and playing Mario Kart. I'm excited for the opportunities that this trip will bring us, most importantly the chance to learn what working towards peace looks like.

We will also be sharing posts written by our fellow classmates, so you will get to hear from them throughout the trip as well. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email! Until next time,

Annie: [email protected]

Stefan: [email protected]

Stefan Hankerson
Annie Harriman