On the Rails Again

It's 9 o'clock in the morning, and we're at the train station waiting to start our journey to Stratford! Over the past several days, it's been incredible to explore London, and even though we've grown comfortable in the area where we're staying, it's exciting to be moving on to a new place.

Although we haven't left London yet, we were able to start our study of Shakespeare yesterday. Before seeing All's Well That Ends Well yesterday at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, we had the incredible opportunity to take a tour of the Globe Theatre and to participate in a workshop with one of the company members from the Globe. The theatre that stands today is a reconstruction of the original, which burned to the ground in a matter of hours after the roof caught fire. However, the team that worked on putting the new Globe together made every effort to maintain the most important elements of the original space, including the standing-room only portion of the audience space, the style of painting that makes the wooden pillars and beams look like marble, and the lack of an enclosed roof that leaves the whole space open to the elements.

During our workshop, we worked with portions of the text from Twelfth Night, and in particular we examined the character of Malvolio in the play. Through the use of our bodies and voices, we were able to closely examine Malvolio's motivations and relationships with other characters, and we discussed the roles that status and perceived status play in the lives of the characters in the show. Armed with this new knowledge, we are all excited for the show tonight and for the experiences that the rest of the weekend will bring. But for now, we've got a train to catch!

A doorway that leads from the stage to the dressing room of the Globe Theatre. Photo courtesy of Anna Becker.