Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a rainstorm this morning, today was our first sunny day in London! It was absolutely incredible to walk along the Thames and see the face of Big Ben glistening in the sunlight (although the rest of the tower is covered by scaffolding...turns out the clock is currently in the middle of construction for the purpose of conserving the structure).

In the few days we've been in the city, we've been able to see so many plays! So far we've seen stage adaptations of the series The Twilight Zone, the play by Peter Shaffer upon which the movie Amadeus was based, a one-man comedic one-act, and a play by George Bernard Shaw in a small theatre in the round. We were also given a day in which we could go see any show we wanted. The show that has had the most impact on the group so far, however, was Things I Know to be True by Andrew Bovell. We saw it at the Lyric Theatre, and it was so incredibly relatable. Nearly all of us were brought to tears. We've been amazed to see just how moving all these shows have been, and we're looking forward to continue engaging with such incredible works.

This afternoon, we had our first activity together as an entire group. We had the opportunity to tour Westminster Abbey, and it was truly an experience not to be missed. It was incredibly humbling to be in a space with such religious and historical significance. To walk past burials and memorials for monarchs, politicians, soldiers, and artists all in the same space reminded us that there are many ways to be remembered in the world and that the legacies of those that are gone still influence the world to this day.

We've been able to visit many other sites around the city as well. Over the past few days, members of our group have been to the British Museum, the British library, St. James Park, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Winston Churchill War Rooms, Trafalgar Square, the Tate Modern Art Museum, Hampton Court, and Kensington Park. Many of us have also taken the opportunity to explore the city on foot, visiting cafes, bookstores, and pubs along the way.

We have three more days in the city before we pack up and head to Stratford. Although it's sad to be leaving London so soon, it's nice to know that we'll be coming back before the month is over. But for now, we've got more shows to see!

The whole class in front of Westminster Abbey.
The current state of Big Ben.
The view across the Thames on a sunny day.