Three Days and Counting...

Welcome to the blog for the Paideia 450 course "English Theatre: The Mirror of Society and the Human Condition!"

About the Course

For the month of January, our class will be traveling in England and Scotland to explore theatre and how conflict in drama both influences and is influenced by society. We will be spending the majority of our time in London, but we will also be staying in Stratford, York, and Edinburgh. Along the way, we'll be seeing a variety of shows, including contemporary plays, Shakespearean classics, and even a pantomime!

About the Blogger

My name is Laila Sahir, and I am the blog coordinator for this course. It's been a dream of mine to go to London for a long time, so I am thrilled to be taking this course! At Luther, I am a senior pursuing majors in theatre and psychology and a minor in music. On campus, I participate in Collegiate Chorale and Launching Luther Leaders. I am also the artistic director of SPIN Theatre Company and one of the publicity co-chairs for the Performing Arts Committee. Although I'm a theatre major, I actually haven't seen very much live theatre before, so I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity and can't wait to see what the month ahead will bring! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions about places to visit!

Only three days left until we take off and head for London. Although our arrival on Tuesday seems lifetimes away, it'll come before we know it. Until then!

Myself on the left and my friend Madeline on the right.