Hiroshima and the Peace Museum

Hiroshima Peace Museum

Today we are in the beautiful city of Hiroshima! We spent the morning learning about the history of the city, and then made our way to the Hiroshima Peace Museum. We were able to learn about how Hiroshima grew economically and culturally as a city after the devastation of the atom bomb. They now have a strong education system to rival that of Tokyo! The museum's detailed descriptions and photos of the aftermath of the bomb left us all speechless. The most influential part, in my opinion, was the memoirs and stories told by survivors or family of the deceased. Many could do nothing for their loved ones as they passed away from severe burns, radiation, or from the blast itself.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Despite such devistation, the Hiroshima of today is a beautiful and thriving city bent on peace and the end of nuclear weapons. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park has several statues in memoriam for all those who lost their lives. There is a specific memorial with a large stone turtle for the Korean victims, who were largely overlooked in the aftermath of the explosion. Alongside these memorials are monuments of peace. These monuments show the dedication of Hiroshima to not forget their past, and to honor all the dearly departed who were taken from this world. Our day ended by going out with students from the Hiroshima City University, who were kind enough to tell about their home, their lives, their studies, and their dreams for the future. The vibrant city of Hiroshima is a place where the pursuit of world peace is central to every part of the city. It welcomes all to learn of its history, and appreciate its present beauty.

Author Shaunessey Crozier
Hiroshima Atomic Dome Memorial, one of the few remaining buildings near the epicenter of the explosion.