A Closer Look at Toyo University

Today we woke up bright and early to revisit Toyo University, where we were provided with a more comprehensive outlook on possibilities as an international student. We began by learning from Satoko Fukai, a representative from the International Affairs Office, about the institution’s various campuses, programs of study, as well as scholarships for international students. We learned about the founder of the university, Enryo Inoue, his life’s works, and the history of the university through both a lecture by Professor Setsuo Miura as well as a tour through the Enryo Inoue Memorial Museum. We then went on a short campus tour. At one point, we went to the top of one of the buildings where we were able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

After lunch in the school’s cafeteria, we were able to explore the campus further. Some members of our group had conversations with international students from the university. After these activities, we left and spent some time at Hakusan Shrine, where we performed a water purification ritual known as Harae.

We ended our schedule of activities today by visiting Globizz, a small but growing management consultant business with a satellite branch located in the Chiyoda district in the heart of Tokyo. There, we were fortunate enough to be able to talk with the founder and president of the company, Takahiro Haruyama, who provided advice and talked about the challenges of starting a new business in such a competitive environment, as well as the success that he found. The day ended with some free time, where some students went out to visit the Akihabara District, find a new place to eat dinner, or relax at the hotel.

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Tokyo. We had many wonderful experiences exploring this vibrant city, from its most serene temples to its busiest business and entertainment districts. Tomorrow we leave for Sendai on the bullet train, where we will continue our exploration and studies.

One of the main buildings at Toyo University
Author Peter enjoying life in Tokyo
View from the top of Toyo University